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Michael Gardner

Thanks for your kind words!


"We say 'laid up by illness'; God says,'laid aside for stillness'". Let this be a time you receive Charisma
And since you are being STILL, you will know that He is God and these gifts are from God!

Michael Gardner

Thanks Sis. I am doing well and making progress every day! Life is good, God is good, Family and friends are fantastic! MG


We all had lessons to be learned from your experience. I remember having this conversation with Mom when going through chemo. I told her I hoped I learned my lessons the first time so that I would not have to walk this path again. She told me she hoped so, too. She also told me that it might not just be MY lessons that were being addressed by this experience. I found that very profound at the time and have thought of her comment many times over the years since. I try to be open to all God's lessons, although he has still had to shake me to my core a few times. The lessons did make it through but in a very emotionally-wrough situation. My three great truths have brought me through: God has ALWAYS been with me, my parents loved me, and the right partner to walk through life with was put in my path. I love you very much and hope for continued healing. Barb

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